Women in Energy

Enstall Empowers is committed to driving positive change in the energy sector and recognizes the urgent need for diversity, inclusion and the advancement of women in this sector. We are proud to have supported the ‘Women in Energy’ initiative with a financial contribution.

The theme of this initiative revolves around ‘The Perfect Storm’, a term that encompasses the challenges facing the energy transition industry, as well as the need to increase diversity and inclusion. We understand how important it is to promote the advancement of female talent and prevent turnover within the sector. 

By offering our support, Empowers wants to be part of the solution. We recognize that the energy transition requires a diverse range of perspectives, skills and voices to navigate successfully. We strive to help create an industry that is not only at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, but also one that embraces diversity and equality at every level. 

Empowers is proud to stand alongside the Women in Energy initiative and work together to drive positive change and transform the energy sector into a more inclusive and equitable industry. Together we navigate ‘The Perfect Storm’, ready for a future where the energy landscape is powered by the brilliance, resilience and diverse contributions of women. 

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