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2023 Impact Report

We are thrilled to share the Empowers Impact Report of 2023 with you. This report highlights our dedication, in collaboration with our partners, to drive positive change and our continuous efforts. Our commitment to empowerment remains at the core of all our endeavors, whether it involves training installers, implementing non-profit solar projects, or providing children with STEM education. We believe that together, we can work towards a greener tomorrow.

Only Love Gala

Prescott, an Empowers ambassador, attended the gala hosted by our valued partner, Encircle, and had an extraordinary experience. The event unfolded as a joyous and uplifting celebration, brimming with laughter, moments of emotion, and unwavering support from an incredible community. Attendees were treated to a red-carpet experience that made them feel like celebrities, capturing heartwarming moments through the lens.

Silver SEIA certification

We have scored 1500 out of 1500 points in the United States for our SEIA DEIJ certification module on “supporting community organizations that support diversity” due to the work of Empowers.

ISO 14001 certification

Esdec, a Enstall company, takes pride in achieving the ISO 14001 certification.

World-Class Workplace Award for Employee Engagement

We’re thrilled to share that Enstall has been honored with the prestigious 2023 World-Class Workplace Award, recognizing our commitment to employee engagement. This award reflects our dedication to creating a positive work culture where every team member feels valued and supported.

Empowering Solar Workers on Chicago’s West Side

The Sustainability Hub, operating from St. Agatha Catholic Church, is training individuals in solar panel installation. Led by A.J. Patton, this program aims to graduate 10,000 skilled workers, offering steady employment and environmental benefits. Funded by Summit Ridge Energy, it targets underserved communities.

Empowering Underrepresented Communities with Solar Training

Community Work Services, Apex Technical School, and Power52 Clean Energy Access Institute, in partnership with The Fedcap Group, introduce the Clean Energy Institute. This 450-hour solar training program includes digital skills, financial literacy, and hands-on solar installation. Graduates earn six college credits from Paul Smith’s College, paving the way for further education. The initiative, funded by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, Commonwealth Corporation, and National Grid Foundation, sets a precedent for similar projects in underserved communities, meeting the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

empowers impact report 2022

2022 Impact Report

One and a half years after Empowers was founded, we are ready to show the world what we have accomplished.

Tech games

Elementary school children are engaging in various “technical games” from the Cool TECH Box. They have come up with three innovative solutions to address the shortage of personnel in the field of technology.

Technology in elementary schools

A new project for technology in elementary schools has been introduced: the Cool TECH Box. The creator, Anja Lutz, was disappointed by the low number of children opting for technology, prompting her to initiate a social project aimed at raising awareness of technology among elementary school students.

esdec empowers contest

Empowers Summer Contest

Empowers invited Wolfpack Robotics (FRC Team 3859) to judge a competition. After long deliberation, the Wolfpack Robotics team was ready to announce the winner of the Empowers Summer Contest.

Bronze SEIA certification

We have scored 500 out of 500 points in the United States for our SEIA DEIJ certification module on “supporting community organizations that support diversity” due to the work of Empowers.

Addressing the Solar Labor Shortage

Seyit Yeyden, Managing Partner of the Beroepentuin, shares a solution to the labor shortage in the solar industry by training individuals without vocational diplomas for practical roles in solar panel installation. They’ve successfully placed over 100 individuals in just three years. Their creative approach aims to bridge the workforce gap in the booming solar energy sector. The project was realized in collaboration between the OpenDoor Foundation, Esdec Distribution, Trina Solar, and SolarEdge. Trina Solar supplied the derivative in partnership with wholesaler ESTG, and SolarEdge provided the inverters.

Evolving Amsterdam North: A Lab and The Switch

The former Shell laboratory at Overhoeksplein, once veiled in secrecy, has transformed into A Lab—a thriving hub where 300 innovative and socially-conscious creative enterprises collaborate. Lucas Hendricks, the visionary behind this initiative, aims to create diverse connections within the rapidly developing district. A Lab has been a fixture on Overhoeksplein since 2013, evolving into a central player as the neighborhood developed. A Lab connects Amsterdam North by housing businesses dedicated to serving locals and Amsterdam residents, including IMC Weekendschool and Massih Hutak. Bouw Woon Leef recently visited A Lab’s The Switch, a company training the unemployed, migrants, and refugees to become solar panel installers.

Green Built Alliance’s Solar Project

The switch-flipping ceremony celebrated the completion of a 300-kilowatt solar panel installation at Isaac Dickson Elementary School, courtesy of Green Built Alliance’s Appalachian Offsets program. The project, six years in the making, is set to save the school over $30,000 annually in energy costs, benefiting school programs. The event held personal significance for Leigha Dickens, a former board member turned staff, as her husband attended the school as a child, making it a special family moment. It’s also a reminder that even seemingly impractical childhood dreams, like eco-friendly school designs, can become a reality, ushering in a more sustainable future.

Open Door Foundation

In Loon op Zand, 30 solar panels were installed on a flat roof. What makes this project unique is that these panels now grace the roof of a home for 8 future residents with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. The Open Door Foundation plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of these residents by providing essential care and support. This remarkable initiative is the result of a collaboration between the Open Door Foundation, Esdec Distribution, Trina Solar, and SolarEdge. Trina Solar supplied the panels in partnership with ESTG, while SolarEdge provided the inverters.

Podcast Sociaal Ondernemen Werkt

To achieve the energy transition, we still need many hands who can install solar panels, among other things.

We are short of people in the technology sector. Esdec, an Enstall company, is a supplier of mounting systems for solar panels in Deventer, among others. In this podcast, Vera Vos Vice-President Strategic Marketing and Communication at Enstall, and Maarten Waalkens account manager at Konnected will talk about this subject.

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