War Child

We believe that every child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves an opportunity to thrive and grow. That is why we are proud to have supported War Child with a generous financial donation. 

With this support, more children living in conflict areas can participate in War Child’s life-changing programs. In this way we try to contribute to these children receiving the essential support they need. 

In conflict areas, 40% of children experience psychosocial problems, which manifest in different ways, such as aggressive behavior, withdrawal from social interaction, anxiety, sleep disorders and more. These children bear the heavy burden of their war experiences. 

War Child is committed to interventions and providing preventive care. By providing psychological first aid, educational initiatives and sports and recreational activities, War Child helps children process their traumatic war experiences. It offers them a safe place, both physically and mentally. 

Through creative exercises, children learn to deal with their fear and anger, build trust with each other and regain a sense of security. War Child’s programs focus beyond the child and recognize the importance of supporting families so that they can better care for their children. 

Together we build a safer, brighter future for these children, helping them heal, grow, and ultimately break free from the cycle of violence and despair. 

Empowers is pleased to contribute to War Child’s mission, which aligns with our commitment to making a positive impact on communities around the world. Together with War Child, we promote hope, resilience and a better future for children living in conflict-affected areas. 

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