Walk A Thon

Enstall Empowers contributed to the University Elementary School at La Fiesta community by providing a financial donation to support our Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser. This contribution played a pivotal role in advancing our school’s mission and commitment to empowering students.


The funds they received have been allocated for two important initiatives that will benefit their students in various ways. A portion of the donation has been earmarked for the establishment of an exciting “Tinkering Studio.” This innovative space will be accessible to 4th and 5th-grade classes, providing them with an opportunity to engage in hands-on activities. Students will be able to create dioramas, conduct experiments, sew clothing and accessories, and explore their creativity to invent various items. This studio will foster a dynamic learning environment, sparking curiosity and encouraging problem-solving skills.

The second portion of the donation will be dedicated to hosting our “Week of Code” in the spring. This special event aims to introduce students to the world of coding, computer programming, and digital literacy. It will provide them with essential skills for the future and encourage a deeper understanding of technology and its applications.

The support has had a profound impact on our school community, enriching the educational experiences of our students and fostering an environment of creativity, exploration, and innovation. UELF is grateful for all the generous contribution they receipt, which is instrumental in advancing our educational goals and creating exciting opportunities for our students.

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