Valid Kixx

We recognize the profound impact that sports and mentorship can have on the lives of young athletes. That’s why we are honored to support Valid Kixx, an elite basketball program founded and coached by Deandre Petty, a dedicated employee of EcoFasten, an Enstall company. 

Deandre’s journey with Valid Kixx began when he moved to Phoenix in 2016. He started this exceptional basketball program not only as a way for his son to connect with peers but also to spend quality time together. Deandre’s dedication and commitment to the program extended far beyond the basketball court, providing young athletes with opportunities they might not have had otherwise. 

EcoFasten recognized the significance of Deandre’s efforts and, since 2016, has been contributing $6,000 annually to support Valid Kixx. This generous donation has helped cover various expenses, including practice facility fees, uniforms, tournament entry fees, and travel costs. 

In a remarkable gesture of support, EcoFasten made a special donation to send the team to the prestigious Knott’s Berry Farm tournament in California. This initiative predates the formation of Empowers and served as a catalyst for the program’s inception. 

The Valid Kixx team is a diverse group of young athletes hailing from different parts of the United States, including Phoenix, California, Alaska, and Wisconsin. They dedicate themselves to rigorous practices three times a week, lasting 2.5 hours each session. As new talent emerges, tryouts are held annually to select members for the traveling team. 

The journey for Valid Kixx reached new heights when they placed 7th in their division at the Knott’s Berry Farm Tournament in California. This outstanding achievement earned them an invitation to the National Tournament in Kansas City in August. 

To support this incredible journey and cover the expenses associated with the national tournament, the boys have been actively raising funds through various initiatives, including shootouts and free throw fundraisers. The community’s support has been invaluable in helping them achieve their dreams. 

Empowers is delighted to have Valid Kixx as part of our program starting in 2022. We look forward to continuing our support for this remarkable team as they empower young athletes to reach their full potential. 

We believe in the power of mentorship, sportsmanship, and community support, and Valid Kixx embodies these values in every way.  

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