Valid Kixx

The Valid Kixx players and coach Deandre are extend their heartfelt gratitude for the collaboration with Enstall Empowers. Over the past five years, this partnership has transformed the lives of their team members, opening up exciting opportunities and providing them with valuable exposure across the United States.

Before this collaboration, many of the team players had never ventured beyond the West Coast. Now, they’ve been able to travel to various states, exploring places that were once unknown to them. This year, our collaboration made it possible for the boys and their families to embark on journeys to Chicago, California, Kansas, and Las Vegas.

One of our proudest achievements was the remarkable performance in Kansas, where the team secured an impressive 4th place out of 68 competing teams from all corners of the United States. This accomplishment marked a significant milestone for our team, demonstrating our determination and dedication.

Our commitment extends beyond national competitions, as we continue to participate locally to maintain our standing in the state for our age group. We have not only raised the bar in local and national competitions but have also broadened our horizons and enriched the lives of our young athletes.

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