A group of high school friends, passionate about basketball, wanted to organize a fundraising event to give back to their community and make a difference for kids in sports. They teamed up with UPBasketball Youth Charitable Foundation, an organization that supports underprivileged youth and girls in sports, to organize a charity basketball tournament on August 19th in Burlingame, California. “Back to School Buckets” was a massive hit, with 25 teams of different age groups from around the Bay Area, playing exciting 3v3 basketball games to raise money for their cause.

Enstall Empowers stepped up to the plate, generously donating to the event to help provide gift cards, snacks, and prizes for the participants. Yet, the impact went beyond the court. The organizers had set an ambitious goal of raising $10,000 to aid underprivileged youth and promote girls in sports through the UPBasketball Youth Charitable Foundation. Remarkably, they not only met but exceeded their target in donations, with a total of $13,000 in cash donations. The event gained significant attention and even found its way to the Sports page of the local newspaper. 

This heartwarming story highlights how young individuals can make a big difference when they combine their passions with a commitment to their community. Empowers is proud to be part of this incredible journey, supporting initiatives that empower and inspire the next generation. Together, we’re helping to create a brighter future for all, on and off the court. 

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