Tu mas Yo Foundation

Enstall Empowers is proud to support the Tu mas Yo Foundation in providing essential resources to the children of Plantel Cañadas School. Our financial donation has made progress in education possible, especially in the context of distance learning.

One of the notable initiatives resulting from this support is the creation of hybrid classrooms. These hybrid classrooms are equipped with essential accessories and technology, including high-speed internet, smart displays, laptops, headphones, extensions, connectors and an audio mixer with microphones, all safely stored in reinforced metal cabinets.

The educational benefits of these hybrid classrooms are significant:
– Students gain better access to research through technology, making learning more engaging and fun.
– The introduction of cutting-edge technology stimulates students’ curiosity, motivates them to explore beyond their comfort zones and increases their growth opportunities.
– Students’ reduced reliance on personal devices such as tablets and cell phones is a byproduct of the engaging technology offered in these classrooms.
– Teachers benefit from innovative teaching materials that improve lesson preparation, making lessons more interesting and varied.

Our partnership has produced impressive results, including providing 1,196 students with access to virtual learning at two elementary schools, benefiting 871 students in partnership with Junior Achievement San Diego and assisting 492 students from low-income communities through partnerships with CETYS and UCSD.

By supporting the Tu mas Yo Foundation, we stimulate research, expand opportunities and challenge traditional teaching methods, ultimately breaking the monotony and promoting a dynamic and enriching learning environment for students.

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