The Career Garden

The Career Garden is a initiative focused on skill development in construction and technology, individuals lacking the necessary diplomas swiftly acquire essential expertise. The specific skill sets required are determined by local businesses, making it a collaborative effort involving municipalities, companies, and the Career Garden. This synergy plays a pivotal role in advancing the energy transition.

They place significant emphasis on two particular groups: ex-convicts seeking to reintegrate into the workforce and women looking to explore opportunities in the technology field. This approach serves a dual purpose, providing skill development while promoting inclusivity within traditionally male-dominated industries.

The remarkable success of the Career Garden has led to ambitious expansion plans, with new branches opening in Breda, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Their achievement of 2023 is that they trained 30 candidates in solar panel installation, with 27 of them successfully securing employment. This outcome underscores the positive impact and effectiveness of the Career Garden vocational programs in providing individuals with valuable skills and employment opportunities.

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