Snaga žene

Enstall employee Rolf Voerman, a veteran with extensive military experience including three tours of duty, two of which were in Bosnia in 1993 and 1995, has dedicated himself to advocating for, assisting and supporting fellow veterans, particularly those from Dutchbat 3 stationed in Srebrenica and Simin Han in Bosnia-Herzegovina. His initiative involves leading trips back to Bosnia for Dutchbat 3 veterans, allowing them to revisit the places that hold profound meaning in their lives. And in some cases, completely changed their lives.

In his most recent trip, Rolf participated in a deeply moving 2.5 hour meeting that brought together Dutchbat veterans and the women of Snaga žene (meaning Strong Woman). Snaga žene is a foundation that provides psychological, social, medical, legal, and economic support to women, adolescents, and children (refugees and displaced persons, returnees, and local population) who have suffered various traumatic experiences due to war and postwar events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with special emphasis to victims of war sexual abuse regardless of their ethnicity. They strive to help women regain self-confidence and self-esteem, ease their mental suffering, and regain control over their lives.

The meeting was an emotional exchange of stories and experiences from both the women and the veterans who went through the same war with different perspectives. The women of Snaga žene were deeply moved by the appreciation expressed for their work. They were touched to learn that individuals from Enstall in both the Netherlands and the United States were aware of the efforts being made to support the many “wounded” women and were eager to extend their support through an Empowers donation.

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