Isaac Dickson Elementary School

The installation of a solar electric system at Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville has been a major milestone in advancing renewable energy within the community. This project was awarded to Sundance Power Systems. However, it faced funding issues within the original school construction project. Fortunately, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Sundance and the Green Built Alliance’s Appalachian Offsets program, the project became a reality.

Sundance Power Systems, has consistently worked to strengthen local communities through the adoption of renewable energy. The Appalachian Offsets Program plays a critical role in financing renewable energy projects and energy efficiency upgrades in schools, nonprofits and low-income housing in Western North Carolina. This is made possible by pooling contributions from local businesses and individuals through the voluntary carbon offset program, all with the goal of installing solar panels at Isaac Dickson Elementary School.

The success of this partnership is exemplified by the development of the region’s first true community solar project, funded solely by local parents, teachers, concerned citizens, local philanthropists and the school system. Appalachian Offsets completed fundraising for the Isaac Dickson solar project in late 2019, which is its most significant undertaking to date.

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