Hawaii Solar Energy Association

In response to the devastating Maui wildfires, the Hawaii Solar Energy Association (HSEA) has partnered with FootprintProject.org to provide crucial relief and support. Together, they’re working to bring Solar Microgrids to Maui, offering hope and resilience to affected communities. 

The destruction caused by the wildfires is heart-wrenching, and our thoughts are with those who have suffered. However, there’s been an inspiring response from HSEA members and the global solar industry. Local Maui solar companies, along with partners from Hawaii and beyond, have come together to provide assistance, bolstered by the vital support from Footprint Project. 

Mobile solar and storage generators have been rapidly deployed to supply emergency power and internet connectivity to affected areas, with five deployment locations already identified. IronRidge, an Enstall company, with its significant presence in Hawaii’s racking business, understands the urgency of addressing climate change, which likely contributed to this disaster. 

Enstall Empowers has made a generous financial donation to support this initiative as a show of solidarity. Our commitment extends to helping our partners and customers transition to greener, sustainable energy solutions. Together with HSEA and Footprint Project, we aim to empower Maui’s communities to rebuild with green energy, creating a more resilient tomorrow. 

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