Grid Alternatives

Enstall Empowers is delighted to announce our collaboration with GRID, having provided a monetary donation in support of their national Workforce Development Programs.

Since 2004, GRID has facilitated hands-on solar installation experience for more than 33,000 individuals. In 2023, with Empower’s support, GRID achieved a significant milestone by providing over 1,915 people with invaluable hands-on experience, totaling 36,075 training hours. Impressively, 98 trainees have reported securing jobs following their training. 

GRID’s Workforce Development Programs offer a wide array of training opportunities, ranging from multi-week cohort-based sessions to paid internships and year-long fellowships. These initiatives are tailored to meet the unique needs of local communities and industries across GRID’s affiliate offices. 

One of GRID’s standout programs is the SolarCorps initiative, offering an 11-month paid term of service in roles such as construction, outreach, workforce development, and project management. The program’s goal is to diversify the solar industry and help fellows secure full-time employment within the solar sector upon graduation. To date, over 420 individuals have participated in the SolarCorps program, with more than 70% successfully securing employment after completing their fellowship. 

In September 2023, GRID celebrated the graduation of 37 SolarCorps fellows who are now poised to make a significant impact. Empowers is proud to support GRID’s Workforce Development Programs, including the SolarCorps program, and we look forward to continuing to serve as a conduit for individuals from the communities we support to become leaders in the clean energy industry. 

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