The Career Garden

We believe in creating pathways to meaningful employment and supporting innovative learning initiatives. We are proud to partner with The Career Garden, an innovative program designed to empower individuals who are seeking opportunities in the job market.

The Career Garden offers a transformative learning experience that equips job seekers with the skills they need to secure employment in sectors where employers are actively seeking qualified and motivated candidates. In just ten weeks, participants receive comprehensive training that prepares them for success in the workforce. 

Empowers is honored to contribute to this valuable initiative by providing mounting systems for solar panels used in training. Beyond equipment support, we are also committed to connecting The Career Garden with trusted installation companies. This collaboration not only enhances the training experience but also opens doors to potential employment opportunities in the solar industry. 

Our partnership with The Career Garden exemplifies our dedication to empowering individuals and creating a brighter future through education and employment. We are committed to supporting initiatives that help individuals realize their full potential and achieve meaningful career success. 

Together with The Career Garden, we are sowing the seeds of opportunity, nurturing growth, and fostering a community of motivated and skilled job seekers. Empowers is proud to play a role in helping individuals on their journey to a brighter and more fulfilling future. 

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